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A Home Built on a Foundation of Caring and Love

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Casa Hogar de Cabo San Lucas A.C., a Mexican registered non-profit, charitable organization, is a Social Assistance Center (children’s home).  Opened in 2008, Casa Hogar is a comfortable, safe and happy home for kids and teens set in an attractive environment providing physical and emotional care.  In addition to caring for the residents, we prepare them for adoption or to be reunited with their families. 

With a fluctuating population of about 25-35 residents, ranging in ages between 6 and 17-years-old, the children and teens making up this large family arrive under the protection of Municipal or State level Child Protection Agencies.  Most have living parents but for reasons beyond their control our residents cannot live with their parents.  (Physical or Sexual Abuse, Neglect, Abandonment, Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Prostitution or Health Related Issues are common factors).  Some kids are with us just a short time while others will be here with us until they are 18-years-old.   

We are now also receiving residents with our Institutional Support program, allowing parents in difficult socio-economic situations to place their children in temporary caregiving agreements.  This program ensures these children have access to school, nutrition, health-care and safe living conditions.

Onsite, we also have a transition house for our teens when they turn 18-years-old and lack a suitable residential solution.  The transition housing is made from refurbished shipping containers complete with a private sleeping area, seating area and bathroom.  The low rent living allows older teens to finish high school, enter University or start working.  The residents of the transition housing learn important values such as money-management while receiving healthy, home cooked meals in our dining room and access to laundry, medical attention, adult guidance and positive social interaction.  

How You Can Help

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Although all the children in our care are entrusted to us by the State and Municipal Child Protection Agencies, Casa Hogar receives no government funding and relies solely on private donations.  Casa Hogar operates two annual events to assist with fundraising.  They are the Gala Fiesta (February) and the FORE! the Kids golf tournament (November).  Casa Hogar can provide tax deductible receipts for US, Canadian and Mexican resident donors.  For more information on how to contribute or to program a tour of our facility please visit or send a message to