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Dedicated to a Life of Service. Missionary, Inventor, Firefighter


He grew up as a missionary serving in war zones of Africa and Haiti which is where his passion to help others was first discovered.


I would like to introduce to you, Trevor Williams. Trevor has dedicated himself to a life of service, to help others in need, and to a life of invention, creating tools and devices to assist in helping those he strives to serve.

Trevor has a very interesting story to tell from his experience as a Christian Missionary, to his creative work as an Inventor, and through his current career as a professional Firefighter.


In 2010 Trevor survived Haiti’s 7.0 earthquake. Trevor and his family all received a second chance at life and felt that every day on earth from that moment on was on borrowed time. After serving the people of Haiti post-earthquake, Trevor wanted to give back even more and quickly founded a non-profit to build houses for Haitian Earthquake survivors. The houses were light weight construction and built to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes. Thirty-nine houses have been constructed to date and they go to the families who need them the most such as single mothers with multiple dependents.


As a young adult, Trevor started working in the field of construction, from general contracting to later a commercial door carpenter. Over time Trevor developed many specialty tools for himself to help with his job as a door carpenter. These tools became even more useful once Trevor became a Firefighter and realized that not every door needed to be destroyed for entry. This is where the Williams Key found it’s place. 

Trevor williams key4

The Williams Key is a bypass tool made to defeat locks without doing damage. It is marketed but not limited to professionals in emergency settings such as Fire, Police & Military. It has become very popular amongst locksmiths as well. Trevor has worked hard to build a strong reputation and reliable USA brand that is now recognized in all 50 states and over 30 countries internationally. Because of the strong foundation Williams Key, Inc has established, Trevor has had the platform to invent and sell many more emergency tools. Trevor Williams continues to innovate and aims to be a recognized household name over the next 10 years. Some agencies that carry the Williams Key include the FBI, DOJ, DEA, Boarder Patrol, Navy Seals, SWAT, USAF, US Marines & US Army to name a few.

Growing up in high stress environments it seemed that Trevor was destined to be a firefighter from a young age. At age 15 Trevor began to train with his local fire department to learn about the ins and outs of what the career really meant. Before long he was riding along as much as his schedule would allow. He realized firefighting was a challenging yet rewarding transition from his work as a missionary and he wanted to continue serving others during their time of need.

Trevor williams key6

Once Trevor received his badge and was sworn in, he discovered he had fallen into a family much larger than he could ever imagine. The most important and rewarding aspect of the job for Trevor was the comradery. He knew that the men and women standing beside him would put their life on the line to make sure he got to go home the next day. This was the survival mentality that was all so familiar to Trevor from growing up in third world countries, he knew he belonged in the profession of firefighting.



We hope you enjoyed this article about Trevor Williams and his life’s story. It is people like Trevor that make our world a safer place to live, and a life filled with compassion for others.


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By: MedFire Staff Writer