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Helping Both People and Animals Alike!


From an early age, animals just seemed to find her. Meet Sabrina Somma, President, and Founder of K911ResQ.


Sabrina is a trained paramedic, and a dedicated animal advocate. She completed her paramedic training in California in 2003, and at that point, dedicated her life to helping people, and animals. She found her calling helping animals in need and decided to make her passion her profession, in 2016 she founded K911ResQ .


Sabrina founded her rescue with a goal to help every homeless, handicapped, discarded senior and injured dog. Dogs no one no longer wants, or dogs that have been found with no home or care. K911ResQ rescues and rehabilitates, and finds these beautiful creatures, loving homes and families to live out the rest of their lives with safety, sanctuary, and love.


K911ResQ regularly rescues animals that have been neglected or abandoned, and many times they have medical needs that need to be addressed. They can do this because of the kindness and dedication of her many volunteers, and from donations provided by caring humans with compassion for the care of innocent animals. Every one of her volunteers share common important traits. They have love for animals, compassion, and a willingness to help in a time of need.


It brings great joy to those who work and volunteer with K911ResQ when they are able to rescue and help a dog in need. And even greater joy when they see the doggy rehabilitated, cared for, loved, and in the arms of a loving family. There are many success stories Sabrina can tell, and one of those success stories is the story of Dale.


Meet Dale. This little on is just one of her many success stories.


Dale was surrendered to K911ResQ along with his brother “Chip.” Dale was found in a backyard with Chip, and an additional three dogs. There were five puppies in a backyard breeder situation. These poor littles doggies had been starved and were found severely dehydrated. Dale was the only survivor. He was rescued by Sabrina and her team, and Dale now lives happily with his foster family who decided to adopt him into their loving family. Dale is now forever in a loving home, and he is best friends with Bender the cat and Rupert the dog.




K911Resq is able to rescue these sweet animals because of the generous donations made by a loving group of individuals who have compassion for this vulnerable population of abused and neglected dogs and cats.


Sabrina tells us being a rescue is an experience that is worthwhile, fulfilling, and amazing. But that doesn’t mean it is free of hardships, especially those related to business and money. It’s never easy to ask for money. If we could get by without asking for it, we would. However, since so many of our rescues come from homes or situations where an animal has been neglected, abused, or straight up abandoned, we are usually face with hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in medical bills every month as we try to rehabilitate these sweet animals that only want someone to love them.


K911Resq specializes in rescuing the hard cases, such as severe abuse, abandonment, neglect, and starvation. Many of the dogs we rescue are often labeled as lost causes because they “bite” or become territorial. Sabrina says that most of the time they find that these animals are just simply scared because they have been abused. This is why we are so dedicated to help. She goes on to say all animals deserve a second chance, and that is the ultimate goal of her organization.


100% of all donations to K911resq go to help the animals that are rescued. The money raised through donations is used to pay for medical bills and much need supplies to assist our foster care volunteers care for these animals in need. 



We hope you enjoyed this article about Sabrina Somma and her organization, K911Resq. Without organizations like hers, and the dedicated volunteers working for her, to many animals would suffer. If you would like to help her organization, please go visit or


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By: MedFire Staff Writer