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Passion, Creativity and Determination!

Andrea Siller CEO  photo

Passion, creativity, and determination describes this biomedical engineer to a tee! Meet Andrea Siller, Co-Founder & CEO of Bioana – Medical Device Development.


Andrea is a Biomedical Engineer who is passionate for helping improve people's quality of life by applying her skills in design and engineering. She co-founded Bioana, a medical device development company that transforms ideas into safe, cost effective - innovative medical devices.


She is excited, and passionate about her work. Andrea says with every new project we have a chance to challenge ourselves in solving complex problems with simple design solutions. Through these challenges, and through her projects, she goes on to say these experiences have increased her knowledge and capabilities in product design and development processes, project planning and management, quality and regulatory compliance, and business development: The very foundation of her company. Andrea enjoys working every day with her team creating new products, and she is a strong believer that science and technology can improve people’s lives.

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Andrea goes on to share a very interesting story of how she and three other Biomedical Engineer discussed the future, and how they were going to change device manufacturing in Mexico and around the world.


Andrea Siller, Adriana Torres, and Alicia Hoyos, the founders of Bioana, were enjoying just a normal day in 2013. They were discussing the future, and visualized a future where every person has access to medical technology and medical products that can improve their health. They imagined being able to transform ideas into innovative and successful products using both their passion for health and skills in engineering and design. Discussing things further, they all decided to start a medical device development company, and they started it in a garage!


They have moved out of the garage, and into offices and laboratories. Andrea says since that inspirational day in 2013, normal days have become not so normal. They found some real challenges staring out, and found out very quickly, entrepreneurship life was difficult. However, all three were up to the challenge, and they all new one thing for sure that, no matter how hard  it gets, they all had something in common that kept them moving; they now had their new purpose.

Two persons innovating 2022


Fueled by their motivation to overcome the initial challenges, and with the support of many people that shared their vision, Bioana soon became what it is today (no longer a company working from a garage). In the next three years Bioana developed 10 new medical devices, and were granted 2 patents and had 6 patents pending,  and achieved FDA approval for one of their products. Bioana started to grow and become a successful company. In 2017, Bioana and the founders received the National Entrepreneur Award in Mexico, which is the highest recognition granted by the nation to companies that have made a significant impact in the country.

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Today, Andrea, her Co-Founders, her Team, and all of Bioana is still working with passion, creativity and determination to provide the best solutions to health problems through simple design and clever engineering. They do this because “people deserve a better quality of life.”




We hope you enjoyed this article about Andrea Siller and her story of how Bioana became a reality. It is because of people like Andrea our world is a better place, and the quality of medical devices can continue to advance and improve. To find out more about her company Bioana, and the service they can provide. Please visit their website for more information.


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By: MedFire Staff Writer